Now on Exhibit - Etched in Skin: Tattoos and Art

Etched in Skin: Tattoos and Art

On exhibit January 9 - February 10

Featuring work by Gilda Acosta, Gia Catauro and Ellie Vega

January 9 – February 10, 2018

Exhibit Reception, Saturday, January 20th from 7-9pm


Comprised of a blend of pen and pencil sketches, watercolors and photography depicting tattoo designs, Etched in Skin will provide a window into the process of tattooing from the initial outlines most often drawn on tracing paper to the finished product: living skin. Some of the tattoo collectors shown in the photographs will be present during the show's opening, allowing their varied origins and appearance to emphasize mainstream society’s newfound acceptance of the once stigmatized and controversial practice.

To achieve this, individuals (everyday people of conservative appearance wearing extensive tattoo work) will be in attendance at the gallery opening, allowing newcomers to view their work in person as well as on photographic displays depicting the design process and application of their tattoo(s). There will be written text alongside each visual explaining their individual motivation and collaboration with their tattoo artist.