Congratulations to our Technology+Art=NOW winners!

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Technology+Art=Now art exhibit! Bellow are the winners in their respective categories:


Digital Photo

First Place - Damion Sanchez, Park's Here

Second Place - Nicholas Blake, American Bull Frog

Third Place - Holly Crowder, China Doll

Honorable Mention - Daniel Clark, Bucket Boy

Digital Art

First Place - Angela He, Acid Attacks

Second Place - Julia Gacek, Metaporphosea

Third Place - Kelly Ho, Rewake

Honorable Mention - Brian Castro, Through the Window


First Place - Reyane Ashtar, What If - Part 1 & 2

Second Place - Lily Vogel, Victory

Third Place - Thomas Lee, Visual Music

Honorable Mention - Allison Yeh, CMYK

Digital Other

First Place - Angela He, Suppressed

Second Place - Kevin Le, Adam

Third Place - Jeremy Arcenas, Somnium

Honorable Mention - Zack Wilson, Redux