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Fabric of Families - Exhibit Reception


“Fabric of Families”

A fiber art presentation by members of the

Center Street Cotton Collective

At the heart of a family are the special memories of the people who make us what we are. How do we find out about them? What is revealed to the world at large? What are the seemingly inconsequential markers that nevertheless give us a warm and deep feeling of love for that unique person with whom we share our DNA, our memories of what it means to be a family?

In the 1960’s the hometown newspapers chronicled the barest of details of family milestones towards the back of each paper in the columns headed “births, marriages, deaths”.

Expanding on those three start points fiber artists were asked to choose a family member to celebrate in three pieces of fiber art. Beginning by selecting an item of clothing, linen or similar that belonged to that person, artists were asked to incorporate a piece of that item in each of three creations honoring the early childhood, early adulthood and the later life of their relative.

The results have truly become family heirloom pieces. The artists spent much time and care in sorting through personal memories of their chosen relative to find ways to reflect the importance of that person’s impact on the family memories and in shaping the generations to come after them.

How do you record your family moments for storage in the ongoing narrative of your lives?

Come see the stories of these individuals that contribute to the fabric of family memories and building blocks.