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Intermediate to Advance Portraiture with Jordan Xu

Intermediate to Advance Portraiture

with Jordan Xu

This class is a series, it will be held Wednesdays, October 25, and November 1, 8 and 15. 7-10pm. 

This is a class for intermediate to advanced portrait students who would like to further develop their painting skills. The emphasis will be placed on the following topics:

1. Colors: discover the power of color temperature, complimentary colors, contrast and many other concepts behind a compelling portrait painting. In particular, we will dissect the mystery of skin color and learn how to paint glowing, life-like skin.

2. Edges and Transitions: This is a very important topic that many artists overlook as they learn how to paint portraits. You will learn the techniques to transition one color into another in a fully controlled manner that will give your painting the loose, painterly quality that we see in the works of the masters.

3. Common Features: From the glistening, translucent eyeballs, the shiny, flowing hair to a realistic hand, you will learn the strategies to approach and refine these difficult yet important features in a portrait painting.

About the Artist
Jordan Xu began studying portrait painting at the Art League School in the historic Alexandria, Virginia, under the tutelage of Washingtonian artist Kurt Schwarz and later Danni Dawson. Over the years, Jordan has developed a style that combines classical realism with intensely vibrant colors and broad, casual brushwork. Jordan now lives in Lovettsville, Virginia as a freelance artist