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Dan Montgomery Band and BARK

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Dan Montgomery - Born in Philadelphia, PA, raised in South Jersey now Memphis based Americana stalwart Dan Montgomery returns with his fifth full length album GONE. A raucous record of lost love, disorientation...and eventual acceptance...all with a walloping  back beat ! With the opening one two salvo of "Gettin Up" and the title track it's clear that this is no hum & strum sub Blood on the Tracks, GONE is the breakup album you can dance to . Written and recorded quickly with his Memphis based band (Robert Mache' - guitar vocals Jeremy Scott - Bass James Cunningham - Drums and Candace Mache' - vocals), the same band that played on 2014's acclaimed Sin, Repent, Repeat. 

"I got my electric guitar out of hock finally" says Montgomery about the more rocking collection of songs on the new album. "Seriously" he continued, " I write to my rhythm section more than anything else and James & Jeremy can bring the big beat . I brought a new song in every Monday and we'd bang it out a few times and sure enough we'd have a take. It was all very brash and immediate and that's certainly reflected in the song selection." While there are several drop dead gorgeous ballads like "What Am I Here For" and the closing "A Little Tear"(presented in it's original demo form the day it was written), the meat of this album is in it's rock and roll heart. "With the penultimate track "Gotta Go" we reached this weird combination of The Collins Kids and Foghat...which should not have worked but there you have it... It was an album full of surprises"

GONE is the fifth full length album by Dan Montgomery. 

Bark is the Knoxville, Tenn.-based alt-duo of husband/wife Tim Lee (Bass VI, Vox) and Susan Bauer Lee (Drums, Vox), both formerly of the TimLee3. In 2014, the couple begat Bark, a product of the melding of two keenly honed, fiercely independent musical minds focused on carving out a 21st century niche situated somewhere between garage rock, punk rock, power pop, The Cramps, The Feelies, The B52s, R. L. Burnside and the Delta blues. In 2017, the duo released a second recording, their first full-length, "Year of the Dog" on the Knoxville-based Striped Light label. “... it became apparent from the outset that if the Tim Lee 3 is a shiny vintage Camaro IROC-Z, painted bright and buffed out, then Bark is a ’71 Plymouth Hemi’Cuda, painted matte black with a few Bondo spots on the bumper but with a completely restored engine growling beneath the hood. “Year of the Dog” kicks off with the righteous swagger of “Miss Me,” the two instruments rattling off of one another with as syncopated orneriness that’s the sound of a snarl set to rock ‘n’ roll; a couple of songs later, they’re crawling along the side of the highway like an overheated copperhead on Mississippi blacktop, a steady-and-deadly meander toward an uncertain fate.”

— Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times Weekend section