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Rowan Tree - Women Focused Co-Working Group

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Rowan Tree is a women-focused co-working and co-growth community that allows you to:

  • Work in an open space, collaborating and networking with smart, innovative, and like-minded women
  • Get your wellness and creativity on through provided “creative catalysts” and an on-site fitness studio
  • Work in focused “quiet” spaces, as needed, or meet with clients or teams in private conference rooms
  • Participate in thought-provoking and fun, educational, social, and community focused events
  • Develop mentor and mentee relationships that can help guide and navigate your career path
  • Give back to the community through our 5 to 1 membership modelfor every five memberships, one scholarship will be given to a woman who might not otherwise have access to the space.

Rowan Tree is for women* who:

  • Work from home often, with small teams, or remotely and may feel isolated and disconnected from their community and need a space other than a coffee shop to get work done or hold client and team meetings
  • Are building their business or career, and looking to develop partnerships and support systems to broaden their reach and capabilities
  • Are emerging into the workforce or focusing on the next chapter of their career and want to connect with and learn from successful, fun, balanced, and positive women
  • Are finding it difficult to create a balance of work, connection, health, and creativity along with life’s daily responsibilities
  • Are looking to be a part of a diverse community that supports women of all ages, races, income levels, and professions.

*Awesome men, transgender, and non-binary people are all welcome!