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Drawing Expressions: Pencils, Pens, Watercolors with Melanie Z Stanley

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I always tell my students that “drawing can and will improve your paintings!”

Drawing helps you plan, focus, and explore shape, line, form, texture, and value.

Join us for a fun, rewarding class that will help you develop skills and your artistic journey. We will work mostly in our drawing journals.


The simple, albeit wonderful pencil that we ordinarily use in everyday life to write notes, grocery lists, things to do, becomes a powerful art tool when one learns its many nuances and capabilities!  We will have so much fun exploring ways to use pencils of varying “grading scales” such as 2b, 6b, and more to create drawings that will grow in strength with practice.  We will also incorporate micron pens, charcoal, watercolors (and perhaps more) to tell the story of our artwork.  Adding simple watercolors with various techniques creates more depth in your overall piece, and the explorations become embedded with your own personal quest to grow your art.

Although this course is only 3 classes, you will learn enough to get you started on the path to looking at your art in a new way and be able to plan how to use drawing to create a plan for a future painting. 

I will be teaching more art classes in March that will continue our discoveries in this one, but will also stand alone for newcomers!

We have a wonderful core group of artists, and we welcome beginners to advanced students!

Cost:  $127

Place:  ArtSpace Herndon Teaching Studio

Dates:  Mondays, January 28, February 4, and February 11

Time:  5pm to 8pm


Please email instructor for short supply list (I supply any unusual things like graphite sticks)