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Common Ground: Candice Bostwick & Friends

Candice Bostwick.png

Four friends coming together and finding common ground in music.  

You can expect an array of music including jazz and pop from these talented local musicians! 

Candice, Kathy and Jeanine met 10 years ago when attending a workshop for jazz singers. Their first joint venture was to form a jazz quartet with Rhonda Atkins. This group disbanded when Kathy and Jeanine were fortunate to become part of the Tom Cunningham Orchestra in 2014 as part of YazooZazz.  Candice and Rhonda went on to seek careers as solo artists. Candice performs throughout the area and recorded her debut album, Taking Flight, in 2016. Jeanine sings and plays violin with Djangolaya and Enchanteuse. Kathy is the vocalist with Accidental Red and sings with the Master Singers of Virginia.

Ken Hall is one of the very best guitarists in Northern Virginia, teaching at NOVA and playing with many groups as a freelancer in the metro area.  Basically he prefers to be known as a Raconteur and an all around good guy, who happens to love playing the guitar and is the basis, the guitarist, of Common Ground that we bring to you.  Combining Candice’s penchant for blues and jazz, together with Kathy and Jeanine’s latest endeavor in a unique duo called “Pardon My French”, the night will be a night you will not want to miss.