My work and life journey mission are to be the best and most productive possible! To be part of the team that makes up ArtsHerndon is amazing – together we can move forward and create an Arts program for the future needs of the Town, the Arts Community and the major businesses that are currently moving into the area. The imminent arrival of mass transit/Metro to the area is bringing new opportunities and a new lifestyle to the Town. Thinking creatively – out of the box - in pictures, words, and with no fear of the unknown, I relish the challenge that this part of my life is bringing!
— Joanna Ormesher, CEO and President
The creative energy and the variety of artists, both budding and experienced makes Artspace a special place to work. I have the unique perspective of being an Artist that has been involved with Artspace for many years. To be able to help with the evolution of Artspace as an Artist and Accountant is exciting and it’s wonderful to be a part of such a vibrant artistic community.
— Sandi Volpe, Accountant